Web Design and Development

Your website is your online home, and in order to draw customers you’ll need an attractive house that’s easy to find and navigate. Even if you know your way around some HTML, chances are good you’d like your site to just work, without you having to dig around under the hood every day.

That’s where Seaworthy Digital comes in.

Web development ought to be a balance of beautiful design and equally beautiful code. Neither one should get in the way of your customers. A site that’s too flashy can be distracting as well as confusing, and sites that don’t work are frustrating to everyone.

We’ll build the perfect website for your business – one that suits your needs right now and has the ability to grow with you – that’s fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate while still being easy on the eye. We can start from scratch or rework an existing site. And we’ll stick around, too. Done right, web development is often an ongoing process, so we’re happy to work with you long-term if that’s what you need.


Custom WordPress Design

Redesign for Existing Sites

Diagnosis & Repair

Security Lockdown & Maintenance

User Experience Consulting

Custom Feature Development

You get out there and focus on growing your business.
We’ll take care of the web stuff.

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